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Weird Science Kids offers children educational, entertaining, and unique hands on science learning experiences
through our large selection of science toys, science fair kits and supplies. Weird Science inspires children through an
interactive environment of discovery that ignites the imagination. We strive to develop scientific literacy in children at
stage when
it’s as essential as reading, writing, and math.

We provide a large variety of easy fun cool exciting free
science experiments and science demonstration videos that
introduce children to the basic concepts of science and how it relates to the environment that surrounds them. The free
kids science experiments and video sections contain great ideas for science fair projects. Our store has a unique array
of hands on science products. We strongly believe the best way for children of all ages to learn about science is through
engaging, encouraging, captivating science experiments and educational science toys.

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand" - Confucius

What Do Scientists Do? What Is The Scientific Method? What Are The Branches Of Science?  

2011 National Science Test: Students Show Low Proficiency, Experts Call Scores "Unacceptable"
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