In this experiment we will use milk, soap, and food coloring to make color changing milk.  
Watch as changes in
surface tension make the colors explode!

Watch Video: Color Changing Milk Experiment


1) Regular Milk (not skim, fate free, or low-fat)
2) Plate
3) Food Coloring (red, yellow, green, blue)
4) Dawn Dish Washing Soap (or one that claims to "cut the grease")
5) Q-Tips / Cotton swabs

Process For Color Changing Milk Experiment

1. Pour the milk onto the plate. Just enough to cover the bottom.

2. Towards the center of the plate add one drop of each food coloring (Red, Blue, Green,

3. Dip the Q-Tip / cotton swab into the Dawn dish-washing soap.

4. Insert the cotton swab into the milk in the center between all the food coloring dots. Hold it
there for about 15 seconds. Do not move the swab around and stir or mix. Just hold it there.

5. Watch as the colors swirl and explode!

6. Repeat with another fresh soapy swab in a different place on the plate. Look carefully and
notice the colors continue to swirl and mix even after you have removed the swab.

The Science Of Color Changing Milk Experiment:
Milk contains many things but much of it is made up of water, proteins, and fats. When the
"grease cutting" soap is added to the milk, the fat and protein chemical bonds are deteriorated
and everything gets set loose. The fat and protein
molecules explode in all directions. The
molecules in the food coloring go all over as well, making it easy to see whats happening.
Changes in surface tension also contribute the water molecules in the milk  zinging around.
When the Dawn soap is added, it reeks Havok on the milk / water surface tension destroying
the bonds that hold everything together. And the colors fly! Now go and do the color changing
milk experiment with some friends!

Science Fair Ideas:

What kind of milk works best? Whole? Low Fat? Skim? Soy? Make a hypothesis, test, record
data, and draw conclusions.
Color Changing Milk
Color Changing Milk
Color Changing Milk
Color Changing Milk
Color Changing Milk
Color Changing Milk
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