Balloons are fragile objects. We all know that balloons and sharp objects don't mix well. We also
know to keep them away from open flames. Usually fire melts  the rubber and causes it to burst.
However, here we will show you how to hold a balloon over a flame without it popping. Yes, you
can be the life of the party and make a fireproof balloon!

- A Few Large Balloons
- Some Wood Matches or Candle Works Best
- Water

Watch Video:  Make A Fireproof Balloon

Process For Fireproof Balloon:

1) Take one balloon and blow it up. Set it aside.

2) Fill a second balloon with 1/4 cup water prior to inflating it. Then blow that one up as well.

3) Light the candle and let the flame get ripping.

4) Take the balloon with only air inside and hold it over the flame. What happened? You guessed it,
the balloon popped. It may have bursted even before you put it in the flame.

5) Now take the balloon with water inside and hold that one over the flame. Amazingly the flame
does not pop this balloon. You may see black stuff  (soot) form on the balloon where the flame
meets it.

The Science Behind Fireproof Balloon:
The flame generates heat on whatever surface it touches. The balloon with no water heated very
quickly and the latex rubber became weak  to the point where the
air pressure inside burst through.
The difference with the balloon holding the water was that most of the heat from the flame was
absorbed by the water instead of the latex rubber. As a result the rubber did not get very hot and
weaken. Therefore the balloon did not burst!

Water is a great absorber of heat. A lot of heat is needed to change the temperature of water. It
takes ten times as much heat to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1C than it does to
raise the temperature of 1 gram of iron by the same amount. This is why it takes so long to bring a
tea kettle of water to the boil. On the other hand, when water cools, it releases a great deal of heat.
This is why areas near oceans or other large bodies of water do not get as cold in winter as areas
at the same latitude further inland.

Now go make a fireproof balloon with some friends!
Fireproof Balloon
Fireproof Balloon
Fireproof Balloon
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