In this science experiment we will suspend water using a screen. Logic tells you when its turned
upside down the water will come right through the screen. But it doesn't! Get some plastic mesh
from the fruit or vegetable section of the store or some wire screen door mesh. You'll astonish
your buddies with this awesome experiment that defies
gravity and uncovers the mystery of
surface tension. So lets get to it and do the Water Screen Experiment

- Plastic mesh bag used for produce at the grocery store or wire screen door mesh
- Glass bottle
- Rubber band
- Index card
- Water

Watch Video: Water Screen Experiment

Process Water Screen Experiment

1.Cut a piece of plastic mesh or wire screen large enough to cover the mouth of the glass bottle
with some extra room.

2. Place the mesh over the bottle mouth and secure it with the rubber band.

3. Pour water through the screen and fill the bottle. This will illustrate to everyone that water really
does go right through it. Fill it all the way up to the top.

4. Take the index card and cover the screen. Now turn the bottle upside down with the index card
still covering the screen. Once upside down, slowly remove the index card. Magically, the water
does not come pouring out through the screen.

5. When your ready to prove that there was no trick or secret substance covering the screen, while
still holding the bottle upside down, tip the bottle to one side or the other. Watch peoples faces as
the water comes out!

The Science Behind Water Screen Experiment:
When you submerge a screen into water and then pull it out, you will see that water fills the screen
holes. This is due to a force called
cohesion.  Cohesion is the attraction of molecules that are the
same to each other.  
Surface tension allows to water molecules to form a membrane. As a result
water stays in the bottle even after the card has been removed. The water
molecules are bound
together to form a thin membrane between the screen openings. When you tip the bottle it breaks
the surface tension and the water comes wizzing out. Now grab your friends and do the Water
Screen Experiment!
Water Screen
Water Screen
Water Screen
Water Screen
Water Screen
Water Screen
Water Screen
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